Thursday, January 31, 2013

Iceland - Deildartunguhver

Since I grew up in Iceland I just LOVE hot springs, I used to play in and around hot springs when I was growing up. Yes that does sounds stupid and crazy but we knew what hot springs were dangerous and what hot springs were good for playing.

Some information about Deildartunguhver, the water that comes out of the hot spring is 97°C (207°F) hot and there are 180 liters (47.5 gallons) of water coming out of that hot spring per second! By that standard it is the highest flow hot spring in Europe! 

It is as well the only habitat for a type of fern in whole Iceland! Pretty impressive! 

It was pretty hard trying to take pictures of this steamy awesomeness! The colours were amazing, the reds were super red and the greens were luscious green. Just amazing! 


P.S. Check out my other pictures from Iceland. 

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