Sunday, January 27, 2013

100 Days of Decluttering Update #1

I was going to write and post this on Friday but things happen and this is being posted today! So, here is my first update for my 100 days of decluttering challenge.

What have I accomplished this week:

- My Memory Keeper's Daughter By Kim Edwards (You can buy it here)
- City of the Beasts By Isabel Allende (You can buy it here)

Thrown away 
-Woolen Gap cardigan (had been eaten by moths and seriously shrunken during laundry)
-Random paper things that I don't need

Otherwise Accomplished 
- Going through my make up drawers (I have 3) and sorting things.
- The mountain of laundry is getting smaller.
- Starting cooking food again instead of just getting take out.
- Finding things that I haven't used in a while and starting to use them again.

I am starting way to slow! But nothing is coming in so everything that goes out is a small victory! I feel like I am as well just mentally preparing for a big decluttering that hopefully will happen this week!



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