Tuesday, January 22, 2013

25 Things Before My 25th Birthday - Sixteen to Twenty

I really feel by writing a more detailed list of my goal I can start to visualize how I will be able to manage to do them all! It is a strange feeling trying to plan something so far in the future since my life is quite fickle at the moment. Hopefully things will turn out well! 

16. Publish on my blog 5 cookie recipes
I love baking cookies but and I don't do enough of it! 

17. Publish on my blog 2 Do It Yourself
I love DIY! I love making them, reading about them but I never seem to post about them! Well, that will not really change since I plan on only to do it twice this year! Hopefully it will give me the confidence to do it more often!

18. Publish on my blog 12 soup recipes 
Same with the cookies, I love soup! LOVE IT! 

19. Take 12 outfit photos
Outfit photos are something I really enjoy doing but I just never seem to do it! So, I plan on trying to do one at least once a month! Maybe I manage to make it a habit and can do it more often! 

20. Open up an online handmade shop 
Right now, the goal is it to be ready at the end of February! 

Oh, and you can check out my other posts about my list here.


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