Tuesday, January 15, 2013

25 Things Before My 25th Birthday - Eleven to Fifteen

Today I will be talking a bit more about my 25 things before my 25th birthday list. My previous post on it can be seen here

11. Go for a road trip
I loved the road trip Mr. Handsome and I took during the summer 2011. It was amazing. I did blog about it a bit and you can see that here. I really would like to go on another road trip, it doesn't have to be long! I think the only rule I will set to this goal is that it must be an overnight trip and it has to be with a car!

12. Go camping
I love camping, I used to camp all of the time when I was younger but I stopped when I moved to Geneva! I really want to start camping again but I just don't like camping in Switzerland! 

13. Write and publish a short story
Yes, this is a repeat of my 24 things before my 24th birthday list. But, since I didn't manage to do it last year hopefully I will manage this year! 

14. Write and publish 5 poems
I love poetry! I love reading it, I love writing it and I do love analyzing it (to a certain degree) 

15. Write and publish a small poetry book
This is pretty much same as number 14. I just wanted a smaller goal and a bigger goal with poetry.

Stay tuned for next weeks post where I keep on talking about my precious list! 



  1. Great goals, hope you achieve them all! :) I recently turned 23 and definitely want to do my own list of things to achieve before I reach 24 x


    1. Thank you! You should make a list, it is a great way to just see all the things you did during the year!

  2. I love number 15! It's such a lovely idea :) xx

  3. This is a great idea :)

    I would love to have story published too x

    1. Thank you!

      It is a dream of mine to have something published by me! :D


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