Tuesday, January 8, 2013

25 Things Before My 25th Birthday - Six to Ten

This is the second part of a more detailed look of my 25 things before my 25th birthday list. My previous posts about it can be found here.

6. Start an inspirational book.
I have made an inspirational book before and it is really something I enjoy both making and looking over to feel inspired. My previous book is over 5 years old so I want to make a new one.

7. Sew seven pieces of clothing.
I love sewing and I do way to little of it! I believe 7 pieces over a year is something that I am capable of doing! I have decided on some of the things I might want to do and I will definitely share all about it later on!

8. Learn how to draw
I am not good at drawing and it is actually something that annoys me to no end! This year I want to try to make some effort to learn how to draw!

9. Improve my handwriting
This is something I have just always been bad at! I have no idea why. It might be a mixture of me just sucking, not practicing enough of good handwriting (I do write a lot by hand but I don't focus on how it looks)  and maybe how I hold the pen (I hold it wrong).

10. Make and write Christmas cards AND send them
I have wanted to do this for some time but I never have time in November-December. I might start making the cards super early and then writing them in October and sending them in November-December.


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