Monday, January 28, 2013

Iceland - Barnafoss

Barnafossar  is one of the many sights in Iceland that have a sad story connected to it. Barnafossar where previously known as Bjarnafossar, but they had a name change after two children died when they fell into the waterfall.

The story is that once up on a time there was a natural bridge over the waterfall and two boys lived with their mother on a farm nearby. The mother was a widow and had workers helping on the farm. One Christmas, the mother and the workers go for a mass in a church close by and the two boys got to stay behind. When the mother came back she noticed the boys were gone, they followed the footsteps in the snow and realized the boys must have fallen into the waterfall. The mother told the workers to break down the natural bridge over the falls and said that now no one could ever cross the waterfall alive ever again.

This part of the waterfall was completely frozen, it was quite haunting since it looked like the water was moving but it was just ice.


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