Monday, February 25, 2013

February Favorites

Last month I wrote my first ever favorite beauty related post (see here). I really liked writing it so here is my February Favorites! Same as last month I picked my five top products for the month.

1 - Candida - Mojito
This is a toothpaste from the supermarket. Why is it on my February favorite list? Well, it tastes freaking amazing! I just love it! It is a limited edition toothpaste that was a brainchild of a customer and because Migros (the supermarket) is just amazing they decided to make it. It tastes minty (but not tongue burning minty but like fresh mint leaves) with a hint of lime! Just amazing! 

Candida is one of the brands that Migros owns. They make toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash, dental floss and even chewing gum. It is my go to with everything that I use for my teeth! Yes their name is nasty but they make great products! They have frequently limited edition toothpastes that are amazing, previously I have tried their green apple toothpaste that was as well limited edition and it was amazing, I really miss it. I just hate spearmint and that kind of toothpastes that (in my opinion) burn the tongue. 

2 - I am - Intensiv-handcrème
This is as well a store-brand from Migros (they are great). This hand cream has shea butter, panthenol and vitamin E. It is a really good moisturizer for super dry hands (I even sometimes use it on my face in lotion emergencies). It doesn't have too much of a scent and it is quickly absorbed into the skin!

It is one of my go to hand creams since the jar is really sturdy so I can without any worry for it to explode (hate when that happens) into my bag! Another nice factor about it is that it is made in Switzerland!

3 - Mavala - Cuticle Oil 
I think this month has a trend of Swiss products! I swear by the Cuticle Oil from Mavala! The oil is absorbed quickly into the skin and doesn't leave oily residue! One bottle is 10ml / 0.3 fl. oz and it has a brush that is similar to nail polish brushes so there is no waste of oil! The brush is as well great since when you use it there is zero mess! The oil has a hint of citrus smell that just makes the whole oiling your cuticles experience even better!

4 - La Lutinerie - Les Bonbecs - Tchaï
I got this lip balm on Christmas, it is made in Switzerland as well! It is made out of shea butter, beeswax, apricot kernel oil, coconut butter, grapefruit seed extract, cinnamon, cardamom and clove. It smells amazing and really helps with dry lips. It comes in a small 5 ml (0.17 oz) jar but it seems endless. I have been using it nonstop since Christmas and there isn't even a dent in the balm.

5 - Mavala - 130 Aqua Blue
I love this colour! I will do a nail post on it this week. I am almost finished with the bottle! Sadly because of my nail polish challenge I won't be able to buy it again for some time now. I love the little Mavala bottles, the brush that they come with are fabulous, the bottles are 5 ml (0.17 oz) and sometimes that is the perfect amount of nail polish in a bottle!

I actually can't believe that my top five products for February are all Swiss products!

If you have a February Favorite post please do post it in the comments so I can check it out!


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