Sunday, May 26, 2013

Nail Polish: Chanel - 461 Blue Satin

This is the third dark blue nail polish that I have (the other two: Mavala - 269 Deep Blue and OPI - Yoga-Ta Get This Blue!). I will say that the one from Chanel has the best formula and is easiest to use. It doesn't mean that I like it the best (because it has some annoying flaws) but that their formula is the best.

However, even with the great formula this nail polish has the tendency to get damaged by the tiniest things. Today I put on my glasses and the nail polish chipped (more got a dent/hole), it didn't chip at the end of the nail but somewhat around the middle of the nail. Annoying.

I feel the Chanel nail polish is more of a nail polish when I am not planning on doing anything that day or touching anything since it will damage quite easily.

I will keep this polish and the other two since dark blue is one of my favorite colour.


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