Saturday, May 25, 2013

Nail Polish: Mavala - 269 Deep Blue

I didn't manage to do my nails on Thursday and Friday since I was working but I will just extend the week of  nail polish for two more days (or until next Tuesday). Today I am wearing Deep Blue (269) from Mavala. 
The bottle is almost empty (even if you can't see it from outside the bottle) and it is hard to get the final drops of the nail polish out. I want to finish this polish since I love it and it will definitely be in my next Empties post/video. 

I love this nail polish (and that is why the bottle is almost empty), the colour is fantastic and I just love everything about this nail polish.

I won't throw this one away (since I am about to finish it) but I won't repurchase it when it is finished since I already have this one from OPI, and they are just too similar for me to have both. I as well have another one from Chanel that is similar so I really don't need more of dark blue nail polishes.


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