Tuesday, May 21, 2013

100 Days Of Decluttering - Where do I go on from now?

I have wanted to write this post for some time now but I wasn't really sure how I could put all my feeling about my "100 Days of Decluttering Challenge" into words.

I feel that I am still reaping the benefits from being on a spending ban (as you can see by my empties #1#2 and #3). Finishing all these products feels great! My stash of stuff is getting smaller by the day and by using up these products that aren't cruelty free I have managed to replace these items with cruelty free items. An overall success!

Another positive point that I have realized during the 100 days is that owning many things doesn't make me happy. Clutter makes me unhappy and it drains my creativity. I never really realized how much stuff I have until I started going through it all and let me tell you, I was overwhelmed by all the things that I have.

Getting rid of stuff felt amazing and very liberating. I want to keep feeling that way, I don't want to live in clutter! I want to be clutter free!

The problem that I used to have (and probably still have) is that I keep on buying things I want instead of just the things I need. No one really needs four different dark blue nail-polishes, I definitely don't. I don't need more than one blush, mascara, or pretty much anything. I don't need more than one red lipstick or lip gloss. And don't get me started of the amount of purple eye liners I have. I don't need that much make-up!

Therefore, I plan on keeping up my decluttering and avoid buying anything that I don't need and keep up this attitude.

You might wonder how I plan on keeping this blog going if I am not going to be buying new stuff frequently. Well, I am going to keep on doing things as I have in the past. I don't believe beauty blogs have to be about all the newest stuff when it comes out or relentless reviews. I believe in writing a review of products that I use, that I love or even that I hate (I'm writing one like that at the moment). I want to start focusing on cruelty free products since they will be the only ones I will buy.

Overall, I want to write more about many different things and I won't feel guilty about doing so because I have make-up related products lined up to be written about. I am also rearranging the bedroom so I can easily take outfit pictures in there and I have finally decided what I plan on sewing out of my gigantic fabric stash.

Hopefully, I will be able to manage this task and finally be a clutter free person one day (this year).



  1. Heya! Good to see you participating in your weekly
    The Friendly Bunch Blog Hop
    Hope you really find a few new great reads to enjoy.

    Xoxo, Luchessa.

    ps: youre right, its about writing about something you enjoyed and not hunting after the coolest & newest on the market. At least not all the time ;)

  2. Hurrah for de-clutter! I really really really need to get rid of loads of my things, I am moving house in July and I do not want to lug everything around with me! I am thinking of selling a bunch of stuff on ebay before I move.

    I found you through the blog hop, please feel free to check out my blog too!

    Corinne x


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