Thursday, September 11, 2014

My Monthly Goals: August Review and September Goals

August has (long) passed and September is on us! I am always quite excited about September. For me (and many others) 1st of September feels like a new start and a great opportunity to review things.

I did quite well on my August goals which I am ecstatic about and I am hoping September will be great as well!

August Goals:
1. Move!

This happened! I have moved to Iceland!
2. Go swimming
This did not happen and still hasn't happened, which is strange because I LOVE going to the pools here in Iceland but somehow I just haven't been yet.
3. Start filming MYiI (I wonder what that could be :D )

This I did and I have already uploaded two! The first one was about what MYiI is and the second one was about Kerið. You can see those here.
4. Get ready to start my second year of University

Check! I just finished my second week and am doing great!
5. Settle in my dorm

Check as well! My lovely boyfriend helped me get all settled before he headed off to his adventure!
6. Film Apartment tour (Geneva apartment)

This did not happen! I was way to busy with everything that I just couldn't even breath.
7. Write some book reviews (I have so many half written)

Check, if I can count some as one. To be fair to myself, I have couple that are almost finished they just need the finishing touches. 
8. Enjoy having nothing to do

Yes! Something I enjoyed and then got extremely bored! I am a workaholic like my dad, I need to be doing things!
9. Try some new Icelandic skincare products

I did try couple of things and I am looking forward to trying more of Icelandic skincare products!
10. Move my Gold Star Chart into my planner.
No! I totally forgot my chart on the wall in the old apartment! Good job me!

September Goals:
1. Go to the gym 4 times.
2. Organize my closet.
3. Organize my desk.
4. Get a job.
5. Start knitting again.
6. Buy myself winter shoes.
7. Start a regular blogging schedule again.
8. Start on my photo challenge.
9. Set up an area where I can easily take pictures of products that I want to review.
10. Start reviewing products again.


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