Thursday, September 18, 2014

Trashy Reykjavík

I wanted to talk about something I have noticed here in Reykjavík, I might be bit biased because Geneva was kept clean, the streets were cleaned twice a day and there were trash cans everywhere! I feel like the attitude towards trash in Reykjavík is a bit different like the nature should just take care of all the trash that is thrown at it. First of all I haven't seen or heard a street cleaner since I came here, and second of all where are all the trash cans?

I arrived to Reykjavík about a week after the Gay Pride Parade, and there were still gigantic pieces of confetti everywhere. And even now I still see some confetti flying around. It wouldn't be so noticeable but that confetti is made out of plastic and isn't going to disappear anytime soon. 

Only if the trash problem in Reykjavík ended there, which is doesn't. Reykjavík is extremely trashy and I am shocked that people aren't more ashamed of it! Because this is something tourist will notice and it doesn't really show a great picture of Iceland.

I walk around quite a lot, since it is something I am used to and something I like doing and during couple of those walks I have picked up a piece of trash planning on throwing it into the next trashcan only to end up holding on to it until I reach my destination.

And on one of those walks I actually decided to take couple of pictures of the trash that was lying around, I started just taking couple put at the moment I have tons of them on my phone! There is just so much trash everywhere!

So I ask myself, is this what Icelandic people want the tourists to remember? And why aren't there any trash cans?


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