Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Zibbet Finds

Last week I showed you some things I found on Etsy  and I wanted to do that every week, therefor I started to read the forums at Etsy to find more of shops and prettier things. But what I found instead was bitterness and nagging. I decided there and then that I wouldn't write about Etsy anymore! I still wanted to show handmade things but I didn't know where to find them online. My search began and I found Zibbet. Zibbet is brand new and no one is being bitchy! After reading the forums and looking around the shops I decided that Zibbet would be my new Etsy! So here are my Zibbet finds! 

Purple Felt Headband by Lilianna Blue (Not available any more) 

And that's it today!
What Zibbet really needs is better pictures, I saw other cool things that just had awful pictures that I just couldn't use! 


  1. Well said. I love Zibbet for both selling and buying. Wonderful items are found there. I write the Fantastic Five for Zibbet and in my search for items to feature, I find wonderful things that I absolutely love, but many of the photos just are not clear enough to use.

    Welcome to Zibbet, glad you found us.

  2. It's quite sad because if they would have better pictures the things that they make would sell!

    Hmm, maybe my next one will be taking some of the bad pictures, trying to fix them and then show.

  3. zibbet is awesome. glad you found it.
    I think there are bad pictures on each site.....c'est la vie. their loss.
    good luck with your shop!

  4. Glad you found and like Zibbet. Etsy is done for me. And as was said, there are bad photos all over....it's a steep learning curve for many.

  5. Thank you so much for finding and including me on your blog!!

  6. Wow! I'm so happy you found Zibbet! A lot of shop owners are just starting out and need to improve on their pictures! They will grow and learn with time, and if not....well maybe they just weren't meant to sell online! I know I still need to improve some on some of my pictures...LOL!
    I have 3 Zibbet shops, and I absolutely love Zibbet and the community feels like home. Everyone is so nice and friendly and generous with their knowledge on selling. We all help each other out! Thank you for doing Zibbet Finds...that's AWESOME!!!

  7. Hi there, Nice blog. I am both a seller and a buyer on Zibbet. I've tried Etsy, but prefer Zibbet. Much more unique talent on Zibbet. Lots of generic, massed produced looking stuff over on Etsy. It all looks the same. Love the items you featured from Zibbet.

  8. I just wanted to thank you all for the response I've gotten from this post! Amazing!

    And I've planned on doing a Zibbet Find every Monday :)

    Thank you all again!

  9. Exciting that you have found Zibbet - we're so glad to have you browse thru our shops.....and hope that you will continue to visit and encourage us in any way that you can, regarding better photogs! For some of us, that is a struggle, but we are daily-learning! Thanks again for checkin' us out!

  10. Thank you, thank you for including me in your lovely blog!!! Yay for Zibbet! I am quite new on Zibbet & hope to get all my work loaded on soon. Thanks again x Trace - Gretel Girl


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