Friday, April 29, 2011

Linking Loving Learning - April

My camera has decided that it doesn't like me anymore. Well, that is the way I would explain it if my camera was a living thing. It isn't and I don't know what's going on with it! The problem is that it focuses and says that it is in focus and then it's totally the opposite! I was working on a nail polish of the week and a tutorial but the pictures from these projects are unusable! Therefor I am today just going to do another Linking Loving Learning post, my previous Linking Loving Learning post can be found here.

This Linking Loving Learning post will be about blogs that I like to read.

Barefoot Shepherdess - This blog is written by a Japanese woman, she does gorgeous needlepoint works and dyes her own yarn. Amazing, she isn't writing at the moment because of the earthquake in Japan.

Make It Do - A mother of three (or that is what I think from her blog) kids, she has quite a lot of recipes and cleaning tips, and since I rarely cook or clean it's lovely to read it and get tips for the future. 

The Ivy Cottage - Another DIY blog (well most of the blogs I'm reading these days are DIY), this one is more about furniture and interior design. The writer is a mother of two (I think, not 100% sure)

Tenth Avenue Soapworks - this woman makes soaps, really cool! She explains a bit about the soap making progress and it's quite interesting!

Well, as you can see I'm in a total making things mood but I can't make a thing! I want my sewing machine to be here, but that kinda wouldn't change a thing since I don't have any space to do anything. Since I can't do anything I'll just read about other people doing things and just stay super jealous! But in the future, when I'm grown up (we're all still waiting for that to happen) I'll have my own craft room and then this will be a DIY blog, with pictures that are in focus.

Lot's of love!

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