Sunday, April 3, 2011

London (18.02.11-21.02.11)

I went to London for a weekend in February (yea I know late posting but the laptop problems delayed everything). It was my first time in England but hopefully not my last time!

I went shopping mad since I hadn't shopped for ages! Well I tried on loads of things but I didn't like a lot. I've got a problem with buying clothes. It's just so hard to find something that fits perfectly. I went to the stop I miss when I am in Geneva, Top Shop, but didn't buy anything there since I didn't find anything to my liking!

I tried on this gorgeous red dress that was made from this light cotton fabric.
It was perfect in the front but when I tried to zip it up it just was to small. The different colored socks bring me luck, yes I am superstitious.

 The Big Ben
The London Eye

As you can see it was lovely London weather, foggy and a bit rainy. The first day the weather was freaking COLD but as the weekend went on it got a little warmer.

I really liked this sign, no idea why! But I thought it was prettier then any of the other tube signs.

An empty tube hall station, it was so weird to walk these when no one was there. 
Last but not least a picture of a double decker bus.

I had an amazing time in London and hope that one day I'll be able to go there again. It was great to meet all the people I met and see a new city.

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