Friday, April 1, 2011

Nail Polish: OPI - Diva of Geneva

Since I got the new laptop and will now be able to write outside the house I'm going to start this new thing called Nail Polish of the Week. Why? Because I love having nail polish on my nails and this will give me a better excuse for buying a new one. The first one will be Diva of Geneva by OPI.

I got this one from my step mum for Christmas and well I love it! There are couple of reasons why I love it. 

1. The color, it's shimmery without being too much (since I don't really like glitter) 
2. This one and all my OPI polishes are just so easy to apply. I used to hate nail polishes because they wouldn't dry so I would end up with a mess! That has never been a problem with OPI!

I always use a nail strengthener under my polish to strengthen my nails and keep them from getting a funky color from the nail polish itself! That has happened to me with my green nail polish. My nails went yellow and the yellow had to grow away. It was pain! After that I ALWAYS put a base before the color!

 Here is the color outside in daylight. I know it isn't the best picture. I'm working on taking better pictures. 

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