Monday, April 2, 2012

Make-Up Monday #3

I wanted something natural today, calm eyes and a small dash of colour on the lips. I only used 4 products today! Sunscreen, eye shadow (two different colours) and lipstick.
I don't have a before picture today, I just totally forgot about it! Because I use so few items this make-up it took barely five minutes.

Skin - 
Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! It is a vital thing for me! I am a pale person. Sun doesn't tan me it BURNS me! I once had a scar after a small sunburn for over a year! So I cover up and I use a lot of sunscreen. As usual I used the Cinique Sun SPF 40 Face Cream, (Clinique SPF 30 - $19 SPF 50 - $19)

Eyes - 
Eye shadow: I've showed this eye shadow here before. That was January 2011! It has been lying in my make-up box since then. I used it this morning and I love it! I don't know why I haven't really used it before. I think it is because it is brown and just oh-so natural. Today when I was trying to find an appropriate eye shadow I looked at it and just wanted to use it! I am pretty sure I will now start using it more often! The eye shadow is as well from Clinique, it is the Colour Surge Eye Shadow Duo, the colour is number 4 called Butter Pecan. Today I used the lighter colour as a base for the eyelid and the darker colour as the eye shadow itself. The eye shadow is super smooth, it applies amazingly and I just love it. (Clinique Butter Pecan (04) - $19.50)

Mascara: Today I used as well a mascara from Clinique, the thing is my eyes have been really irritated lately. Thus, I wanted to use a mascara that is allergic tested and Clinique is! So far my eyes are fine, maybe I am just getting annoying allergy towards my other mascaras. I find that a bit devastating because I do love my other mascaras. However, today I used the High Impact Mascara that Clinique has. I've used it before here and I loved it at that point and I love it now. It is definitely something you'll start seeing more here. (Clinique Black - $15)

Lips - 
Today I used a lipstick from Yves Rocher, I've had it forever and it is almost finished! It is called Rouge Dragée and the colour is Rouge Pigment. I just quickly dab it on my lips, just to stain the lips and I love it. The texture of the lipstick is very smooth. (Clinique Rouge Pigment - $5)



  1. You look absolutely beautiful! I especially love the lipstick you are wearing. I'm gonna try to see if I can find it for myself! :D
    PS: Thank you for adding me as a friend on 20sb! That was such a lovely surprise. I have added you to my blogroll. :)

    1. Thank you :)

      I started following you on Bloglovin too :D


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