Sunday, June 8, 2014

26 Things Before my 26th Birthday: Update 1-13

I wanted to write an update for my 26 Things Before my 26th Birthday list but at the same time not much was happening with my list since it is more of an ongoing project. I decided to split it into two parts since it might be too long for one post! 

1.Only buy Kindle books (University books excluded) 
This one is working very well, I even bought some of my Uni books in the kindle format and I really liked reading them on my laptop so I might even try to buy more of my Uni books on kindle next semester.

2. Only buy Cruelty Free products 
I am doing very well with this one, I haven't bought any products that aren't cruelty free!

3. Finish a full year of University (60ects) 
I could almost check this one as being done, however, I sadly failed one of my final exams so I only have 55 ects credits at the moment! I have to see when I can retake the final exam but that might be in January.

4. Have 500 posts on my blog
I think this post is number 288 so I am slowly getting there.

5. Read 12 books and review them 
I have read six books and reviewed one! I am writing the other reviews and I am pretty sure I will accomplish this goal!

6. Re-style the blog
Hasn't happened at all, it might happen when I move to Iceland.

7.Advertise on 12 different blogs
I need to look into what blogs I want to advertise on and all that jazz.

8. Have 12 sales in my store
Nope, has not happened, it isn't even open.

9. Have 50 YouTube videos
I am doing great with this one, at the moment I have 29 videos. I am trying to upload twice a week and I might try to upload three times a week. I just really like making videos.

10. Post 12 recipes
I haven't started this one and I am not really sure if I will manage since I will be moving and all that hassle this year.

11. Do a spending ban challenge
This one was an easy one! I was on a spending ban for the first couple of month of the year and I am on a spending ban this summer until I move!

12. Finish my novel
I have a story about this one! I wanted to get the file from my old laptop, I turned the laptop on, deleted the file and then I emptied the recycle bin. Not a great moment for me. I had however send me the file but it wasn't with the most recent changes.

13. Do a project 26 pan (without choosing items)
This is going on at the moment, and I have finished 6 items, I am pretty sure I can finish the rest in the next 6/7 months.


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