Wednesday, June 18, 2014

26 Things Before my 26th Birthday: Update 14-26

This is the second part of the 26 Things Before my 26th Birthday list! You can read part one here.

14. Do a 30 day photo challenge
I haven't started this one since I am planning on doing it in September.

15. Photograph my outfit 52 times
I have posted three outfit of the day posts! That is as many as I posted ALL last year and I will have one up tomorrow! So this one might actually be accomplished!

16. Write 10 monthly goals post
Half way done with this one, I have written 5 monthly goal posts!

17. Reach 100 000 hits on my blog
This is a work in progress, but I am getting closer!

18. Get to a healthy BMI
Hasn't happened yet but I am working on this!

19. Write a food journal for 100 days
I decided to start taking pictures of the food I ate and did that for a week, I want to post it but I just need to write the post and edit the pictures, so at the moment I am on 7/100!

20.Write in a journal for 100 days
I have written 4 times in my journal, there are still 196 days left of this year so I am still in green!

21. Wake up at 5 am for 30 days in a row

22. Have 10 photograph posts about places I have visited.
I haven't done any. So that is a big fat zero. I have couple of places in mind, I just need to get going!

23. Be more of a minimalist
This is something I am doing and I am really happy about, I feel better with every item I don't have any more.

24. Grow out the dye in my hair (as much as possible in a year)
Still going strong in not dyeing my hair, and it helped a lot cutting it short.

25. Finish writing a children's book
This is something I am working on, I am about half way through with the text and the illustrations are still in the design stage.

26. Do 10 weekly vlogs.
I have done 2 weekly vlogs (can see them here)

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