Thursday, June 12, 2014

Outfit of the Day #9: Haircut

So I finally got my hair cut! I have been wanting to cut it short for ages now. AGES! But as usually, I postponed it and postponed it until it was in dire need of being cut. I've had shorter hair than this before so for me cutting my hair wasn't a huge deal, I just haven't had the time to do it until now.
Bag - Satchel Bag With Zip Flap (in Orange) - ASOS / Dress - Kookai (old) / Shoes - Reebook (old)
There are couple of reasons why I wanted to cut my hair short, since I am not planning on dyeing my hair this year (see: 26 Things Before my 26th Birthday) I felt like it was a great time to cut out as much of the old dyed hair. I have as well for the past year (and probably even longer) been horribly bored of my hair, my hair is very hard to handle and it takes ages for me to dry it and style it, and it doesn't help how windy Geneva is! I step outside with gorgeous hair and two minutes later someone is touching it or the wind has blown it in the sky. So for the past year I have pretty much worn side braids and buns. So I am hoping for my hair to be more manageable at this length.

You can still see a lot of the hair dye in my hair but it feels more manageable to grow it out when I cut off so much of it. And I feel quite liberated for cutting my hair, frequently people are shocked when I told them I was cutting my hair. There is some stigmatization for cutting long hair shorter. But it just isn't an issue with me, if you want to cut your hair cut it, it grows back most of the time.

Maybe I should write as well how the hairdresser was since I find it hard to choose a hairdresser in Geneva. I went to is called Rhizone and is over at Rue de Monthoux 23, it is super convenient since they are right by the Monthoux bus stop (bus 25 and 1) direction Jardin Botanique.

First I need to mention the fact that their hair washing station has massage chairs! MASSAGE CHAIRS! It was a bliss! They as well use kms California products which are cruelty free! The guy that cut my hair was great as well, he understood what I wanted with my hair and made it better then I thought it would turn out. He didn't chit chat, which is something I prefer since it gives me time to think instead of having to think about what to say and he didn't try to sell me stuff I didn't need. Definitely a perfect hair cutting experience.


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