Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weekly Grocery Shopping #4

I haven't done one of these posts in ages, I really liked doing them but we have been slacking in buying groceries only once a week! I as well want to see what we are buying, I find it quite interesting and I noticed by looking back at the other posts that our milk has gone up in price, not a lot (and that is why I didn't notice before). I noticed as well that we buy a lot of limes. 

Fruits & Vegetables
Avocados (2x) 3.40
Broccoli 1.60
Chives 0.90
Cucumber 1.40
Limes (3x) 2.10
Onions 1.15
Sweet corn 0.90
Tomatoes (on sale) 2.65

Butter (on sale) 2.95
Cream Cheese (2x) 4.30
Crème fraîche 2.65
Milk (2x) 3.50
Sliced cheese (2x) 4.40

Baked Goods
Le Croquant 3.70
Pain Genevois 2.30
Soft mini Tortillas (2x) 7.40
XL Toast Vitality 3.40

Agnesi Olive 3.60
Balsamic vinegar 4.50
Basmati rice 5.90
Chicken cold cut (2x, on sale) 7.80
Chicken Mix 1.30
Condensed milk 3.65
Cup-a-soup Minestrone 2.50
Cup-a-soup vegetables 2.30
Farmer Croc Pecan 4.70
Farmer Flakes Chocolate 5.40
Filets de maquereaux 2.70
Heinz ketchup 1.65
Raw cane sugar 2.30
Refried beans 3.60
Shredded coconut (on sale) 0.80

Total 101.40

All in all it was 101.40 Chf ($113,40/£66,50), it should last all week since we have quite a lot of stable items that we need to finish.

Sadly one of the avocado was molded on the inside and the other one super unripe. I hate buying avocados here because of this, they go from unripe to moldy in less than a day. It happens every single time we buy avocado and I try never to buy them because of this but sometimes I just really want an avocado!

What is always on your shopping list?


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