Friday, April 12, 2013

Weekly Food Shopping #1

Some time ago, I was talking to some girls on twitter about the fact that I don't like haul posts and the only type of haul post I might like to read would be food haul posts!

First I would like to explain the household that this food is eaten in, there is Mr. Handsome, a meat eater, and I, a person that doesn't eat mammals or birds. We try to only go to the store once a week and we try to always go shopping on Thursday evenings. 

And some explenations of the lingo I'll be using:
chf - Swiss Francs (since I live in Switzerland)

What we bought (in Swiss Francs):
Shrimps                     14.15 (on sale)
Orange juice 2 liters   7.60
Red Curry Sauce       3.10 (on sale)
Coconut Milk            2.00 (on sale, not pictured)
Hamburger Buns        2.20
Fish                           10.40
Fish                            9.80
Chinese Noodles        2.90
Corn                          0.80
Peas                          0.90
Mayonnaise               1.10
Philadelphia Cream Cheese Garlic and Herbs 2.90
Kellogg's Toppas Mini 4.20 (on sale)
Kellogg's Frosties       5.50
Broccoli                     1.45
Garlic                         0.75
Gran Pavesi crackers  3.10
Blueberry Yogurt (two cups) 1.10
Leek                         1.20
Parsley                      1.10
Potatoes                    3.50 
Caprice Des Dieux    4.30 (on sale)
Strawberries (two boxes) 3.60
Cream                       1.60
Brown Mushrooms    2.00 (on sale)
Bagels                       3.20
Milk (two liters)         3.40 

Total Amount:            97.85 chf ($105/ £68)

Hopefully we won't have to go to the store again until next Thursday! More likely is that we have to go to the store Monday/Tuesday to get some milk and cheese. But I will post about that then next week!


Hey, if you have any food related posts please comment them so I can check them out!

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