Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Review: Yves Rocher - Clean Skin Scrub with Apricot Seed

I wanted to write about my main face exfoliator, I have been using this one for about 5 years! Yes, FIVE years! It is one of these things I always buy, it is reliable and just smells amazing. It doesn't foam (which I like) but it is smooth enough to glide easily over the face without compromising the exfoliation. 

As I mentioned before, the scent of this is amazing. It is sweet but not overly sweet and it doesn't stay after you have washed it of your face. The kernels in the scrub are made out of apricot kernels, they do a really good job of exfoliating the dead skin away. The bad thing about the kernels is because they don't dissolve I keep on finding couple on my skin after I wash the scrub off. It isn't that annoying but I sometimes find them in random places (inside my ear, nostrils etc).

Clean Skin Scrub with Apricot Seed - Dry
Clean Skin Scrub with Apricot Seed  - Wet
I would definitively recommend this face scrub for anyone that is looking for a good face exfoliator.

Yves Rocher - Clean Skin Scrub with Apricot Seed - $9


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