Friday, July 5, 2013

25 Things Before My 25th Birthday - 7 months in

I wanted to do a update when I was half way through the year but I totally forgot! So, this update comes half way through plus one month! 

Greens are the ones I have finished, orange are the ones I am working on and red are the ones I haven't started yet.

1. Do a 100 Days Declutter Challenge
Yes. You can see all my posts about it here
2. Move 
Hasn't happened yet, but it is orange since it is something I have been working on.
3. Do a Photo an Hour challenge every month (12 times December 2012 - November 2013) 
I did do one in February and March, I did mention that if I managed to do 12, no matter the month I would be happy, so I might start doing more when things start slowing down again!
4. Read books that start with all the letters of the alphabet (a-z) and review them. 
You can see the full list here, I have read 11 of 26, and I think there might be one missing from that list.
5. Read books that by authors last name (a-z) and review them. 
You can see the full list here, I have read 9 of 26, but as mentioned above there might be one missing.

6. Start an inspirational book.
Hasn't happened yet, but I did start writing in a diary again. 
7. Sew seven pieces of clothing.
Hasn't happened yet.
8. Learn how to draw
Hasn't happened yet.
9. Improve my handwriting
I did start this and I have to continue, but I am practising.
10. Make and write Christmas cards AND send them
I won't start this one until September/November.

11. Go for a road trip
Hasn't happened yet and I don't think it will happen this year!
12. Go camping
Hasn't happened yet and I am not sure if it will happen this year.
13. Write and publish a short story
I am working on this one.
14. Write and publish 5 poems
I have published one poem on this year. 
15. Write and publish a small poetry book
I started this one but I need to finish it. 

16. Publish on my blog 5 cookie recipes
Hasn't happened yet
17. Publish on my blog 2 Do It Yourself
I have done one about melting lipsticks (see here)
18. Publish on my blog 12 soup recipes 
Hasn't happened yet
19. Take 12 outfit photos
I have done two, OOFD #4 and OOFD #5
20. Open up an online handmade shop
This is work in progress. 

21. Have over 250 published posts on my blog 
This one is going well! This is my 214th post! 
22. Start the free advertising on my blog
Done! You can get a spot here.
23. Be more organized.
This is something I have been working on this year and I think I am doing a great job with being more organized. I will definitly do a post/video on how I organize my life. 
24. Do the 200 sit-up challenge
I am doing this one on and off, at the moment I have passed 100 sit-ups so I think I will finish the 200 sit-up challenge in the Autumn. 
25. Not gain weight
I have gained a bit of weight, which is annoying me. But if I go back down to 74.4kg (164 lbs) before my birthday it won't have been a failure!

As you can see there are only two things that I have finished completely but there are 15 things that I am working on! I hope I will at least finish 50% of the list so 13 things! I just need to finish 11 more things!


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