Monday, July 22, 2013

Things I Have Hit Pan On - Part I

I wanted to do a quick post about the products that I have hit pan on! As you might have noticed I love finishing products so I thought this might be a good idea! I will only mention each product once but with for example the MUA Eye Shadow Pallet I will show when I hit pan on each colour (probably won't ever happen), and the same goes for my other eye shadows that are couple of colours together!

This can't be a monthly thing or a regular thing since I never really know when I will hit pan on a product!

Clinique - Almost Powder Makeup (Shade 01 Fair) is my go to powder so I was both happy and sad to see that I hit pan on it. I am certain it will be in my Empties pile when the summer is over.

The Clinique - Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Powder Oil-Free (Shade 02 Stay Neutral) used to be my to go powder but since I started using spf 50 everyday it got too dark for my skin, now I only use it for eye shadow and that is why the pan is in the corner but not in the middle.  I don't think I will ever finish this one!

 I won the MUA Undressed Palette in a giveaway and have been using it on and off for couple of months, the only shade that I have hit pan on is shade 1. I am not even close to hit pan with the other shades.

And at last I have hit pan (or the bottom) on my Aloe Vera Gel from Naissance, I wrote a review about it here and will probably finish it by the end of this or next month!

So that are the products I have hit the pan on. There are couple that I believe that I will soon hit pan on but I am not really sure!


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