Monday, July 1, 2013

Review: Migros - I am Natural Cosmetics - Green Tea and Lemon Grass Scrub / Exfoliator

Another product from the I am Natural Cosmetics skincare line from Migros. Today I will be talking about their Green Tea and Lemon Grass Exfoliator (Scrub) for all skin types.

On the bottle it is both in German (Grüner Tee, Zitronengras - Peeling - Alle Hauttypen, sanfte & belebende Reiningun) and French (Thé Vert, Citronnelle - Peeling - tout types de peaux - nettoyage douceur stimulant) 

On the back it says (translated from German): 
Exfoliating particles with the finest bamboo particles and organic green tea and lemongrass extracts. Removes dead skin cells and impurities gently. The skin appearance is refined, the skin feels soft. Use one or twice per week. 

As with most (if not all) of the items from the I am Natural Cosmetics line it is without mineral oils, artificial color, fragrance and preservatives.

I love the scent of this product, it smells exactly like lemon grass (a scent I LOVE), my skin feels really soft after using it and I would say more refined. The only problem I am having is that the bamboo particles are just too fine! I just feel like it doesn't scrub enough, I like to feel like I am scrubbing my face. This one just feels like I am lightly massaging my face with a hit of exfoliation. For the price of it (8.50 Franks/75 ml) I just wish for more of bamboo particles, just so that I can feel like I am really exfoliating my face!

So my search continues for an exfoliator that will be as good as the Yves Rocher - Clean Skin Scrub with Apricot Seed (Reviewed), but if you like a very gentle exfoliator I would recommend this one from Migros.

The I am Natural Cosmetics - Green Tea and Lemon Grass Scrub / Exfoliator  can be bought in Migros for 8.50 Franks (75ml)



  1. Migros! I used to love going there when my parents lived in Switzerland x


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