Friday, July 19, 2013

My Hair: Going No 'Poo

Many people know about no 'poo and many people don't. No 'poo means no shampoo and it is just a simple decision of not washing your hair with shampoo.

I stopped using shampoo on 5th of December 2011 and haven't turned back. At first I went with the backing soda and apple vinegar method but soon realized that wasn't something for me. So I decided to become a water only hair washer. Water only is exactly what it sounds, I only use water to wash my hair.

I use other things as well in daily life, I dye my hair regularly (but wash the excess colour out with water), I use aloe vera gel, coconut oil, camomile tea, tea tree oil, honey and pretty much everything that I want to use, except for things like shampoo, conditioner and anything you can buy in the hair aisle.

You might wonder why I haven't written much more about my hair and the truth is that some days I feel so shitty about my hair that I want to turn back to shampoo but then I remember, I hated my hair when I used shampoo and my hair looks pretty awesome now.

And that is the main point of it all, my scalp and hair were awful when I used shampoo. My scalp was itchy (I have eczema "attacks") and I constantly had scabs on my scalp so sometimes when I used shampoo it stung so badly. During one of those "attacks" I decided that I needed to stop using shampoo, and many many many months later I actually stopped!

After I stopped I rarely get eczema anymore, I do sometimes but it never reaches the point of my scalp bleeding!
There are two questions people always ask me when I tell them I don´t use shampoo, the first one is does your hair smell and the second one don't you miss shampoo.

Does my hair smell? No, which is something I love, I hated having the chemical smell of shampoo stuck in my hair! My hair never smells like a wet dog or wet sheep or anything. My hair is scent free!

Do I miss using shampoo? Sometimes yes but most of the time not at all. As I mentioned before I sometimes do have bad hair days but not as bad and not as often as before.

All of the pictures are since I stopped using shampoo! 


P.S. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask! 

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