Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Favorites and Flops #1

Since I stopped doing my monthly favorites I wanted to start to do something else, first I started my Loving in... and I realized how much I like writing these kind of posts so I decided to start a new type of post called Friday Favorites and Flops, they will mainly be a lifestyle type of post but I might sneak in a product once in awhile.


*This week the temperature has gone down and it has stared to rain, I love autumn! LOVE IT.
*I have been feeling so much better since going gluten free.
*School work is going great and I am loving being back in University
*Talking to some people I haven't talked to in years.


*All my towels are have purple stains because of my hair.
*My skin has been really bad this week. I don't really know why and it frustrates me.
*Had couple of anxiety issues.

What where your favorite moments this week and did you have some flops?



  1. On balance, that sounds like a pretty good week to me! Hope you have a lovely weekend x

    1. thank you :) It felt like a good week! Hope you had a nice weekend too :)

  2. Hey!! love this post. I nom'd you for the versatile blogger award! Would love to see your answers. More info here xo

    1. thank you! Looks interesting, I will definitely write a post!


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