Monday, September 30, 2013

Loving in September

September has been such a strange month, in a great way, but super strange. Starting new university (for the uhh 4th time), going to France, not working as much and just the feeling of hope has really been strong in September. There have as well been some sad and incredibly stressful things been going on but I did not go into hiding mode but just kept my head high (ok, I did cry a lot) and kept on going! 

I am really loving writing these posts, I love to see how many of my goals I have accomplished, I love just having something I can look back on. Because that was the main reason I started blogging, to prove to myself I can actually do things. 

My September Goals:

1. Blog every day!
I did manage to post 14 posts this month! I knew I would have trouble with this one because of the trip to South of France I took, school and all sorts of other things. However, I am fine with that! I still want to break my record of 27 posts a month! 

2. Do one photo an hour day.

That did not happen, the days I wanted to do it were too stressful and the days that weren't stressful I spent at home with my nose in a book, not picture worthy. 

3. Post four outfit posts. 

I did one!

4. Finish the 100 things decluttering challenge.

Didn't happen, this challenge is much more difficult than I imagined! 

5. Record what I am eating for 25 days.

I did take pictures of what I ate for a week, I just need to find a platform I am comfortable with.

6. Plan a nanny evening. (planned it but didn't manage to go)

7. Lose 2 kg (4-5 pounds)

Almost, I lost about 1.4 kg this week :)

8. Gain control over the laundry mayhem.

For me this is the biggest victory in the world! I cannot believe this actually happened! I feel like I got my apartment back!

9. Bake a cake 

I made an amazing lime and coconut cheesecake.

10. Go for a trip

I went for a lovely family trip to South of France, I had amazing time. 

Top 5 posts in September :

Tag: I Heart Autumn (September 2013)
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And some posts I have been loving in September :

Our Daily Ocean: Day 200 from It Starts With Me
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What I have been loving in real life in September :

family, good food, studying, Mr. Handsome, Óðinn, finishing products, being organized, naps.


  1. you've done a great job, I should start panning my goals and see if I'm able to achieve them! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay


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