Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Workout & Weight Loss Wednesday

This week I was careful what I ate, I tried to sleep more, I went out for walk and finally wasn't extremely stressed, and this week I of course gained weight. Because that is always what happens, as soon as I start looking at what I eat I gain weight. I am sorry body, that consuming more than 400 calories makes you gain weight, I am sorry that finally when I feel a bit better I gain weight, I am sorry that I hate my body for being such a pain in my gigantic ass. GIGANTIC! Or as I described it to my friend, I feel like I am a rotting corpse that is about to explode. Yes, that is how I feel. I am sick of it all, I am sick of feeling tired all of the time, I am sick of having heartburn all of the time, I am sick of feeling nauseous all of the time and don't get me started on those headaches. 

So this weeks numbers suck, I was hoping to lose those measly 300 grams and reach my first goal, but no I gained a kilo, and that kilo is not muscles since I haven't been working out more than before. I am pretty sure it is a kilo of self hate and failure.

Last week weigh in: 80.2 kg (176.8 lbs)
This week weigh in: 81.1 kg (178.8 lbs)

Do I have a plan for next week? No, I have other things to do and I decided to put these feeling and problems on the back burner until next Wednesday when I will start on an experiment with my annoying body. 

Do check out Tilly's Workout & Weight Loss Wednesday post, it is more happier than mine!


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