Sunday, September 15, 2013

Review: Migros - I am Natural Cosmetics - Aqua Tonic - Peeling and Face Mask

Today I wanted to talk about a new product in the Natural Cosmetics line by Migros, I accidental stumbled up on it when I went to the "big" Migros buying some Catrice and Essence cosmetics and found this as well! I am actually quite exited about this product line, they are made with Glacier Water and being half Icelandic I jump on everything that might remind me of Iceland. 

What I found as well quite intriguing about his mask is that it is a two step process, the first step is the peeling and the second step the face mask.

Step One - Peeling

What it says on the back (translated from German):
Skin refining scrub with glacier water from the Monte Rosa mountain range and organic Malva extract. The refreshing formula, with sand scrub, gently removes dead skin particles and stimulates the skin micro-circulation. The skin is wonderfully smooth, even and perfectly prepared for the subsequent care mask.
The first thing I noticed with the peeling cream was the stench of alcohol, not surprisingly when you see that the second ingredient is alcohol. The second thing I noticed was how much of the peeling cream there was!
It did peel my skin gently but I could not breath with my nose without almost getting drunk. My skin did feel wonderfully smooth and you could feel the sand massage your skin. If it hadn't had this horrible alcohol scent I would have loved to buy a big bottle of it!

Ingredients for the peeling
Step Two - Face Mask
Pampering mask with glacier water from the Monte Rosa mountain range and organic Malva  extract. The special formula with high quality babassu oil provides the skin with an extra helping of moisture. The skin is relaxed, perfectly maintained and has winning radiance. 
The face mask felt amazing and it was shocking on how much actually absorbed into my skin! At the end of the 10 minutes it had mostly absorbed in my skin so I left it for a bit longer until it was fully absorbed, and let me tell you, I do not regret it. That extra helping of moisture really did its job! I think I would actually buy this on in full size if Migros would start selling them!
Ingredients for the face mask
All in all, I did like the face mask but not the peeling. Therefore I won't repurchase it (unless they would remove the alcohol).


P.S. Any face masks you have been loving or hating lately?

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