Friday, September 6, 2013

Outfit of the Day #6

Bag - Satchel Bag With Zip Flap (in Orange) - ASOS / Tights - Dark Blue - Avant-Première / Shorts - H&M (old) / Tunic - Tunique fluide (Blue) - Mim / Shoes - Reebook (old)

I wanted to talk about about life lately with outfit posts but as I am sitting here I don't really know what to say. I started school again, which is great, or maybe not so great. I do enjoy it and I really feel confident since it is a distance education and I don't feel anxious about it all. Which is great. But at the same time I am so afraid of failing! I hate failing but I am starting to become so used to fail, so failure seems to be the norm. a bad bad norm. 

But back to what I am wearing, I bought this tunic yesterday and I am in LOVE with it! LOVE! It is so comfortable and I just love the color of it! I am really looking forward wearing it with other things!
I love this bag, I wasn't sure when I bought it if it would be exactly what I imagined but it was. I have been using it all summer and it show very little wear! Which is amazing for fake leather! I cannot forget to mention the tights, if you live in Switzerland you will know Manor and these tights are from Manor and are my favorite tights ever! I always buy a bunch of them when they are on sale (couple of times a year they are 50% off) and those usually last until the next sale! For me they are just perfect for both summer and winter.


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