Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Workout & Weight Loss Wednesday

So I realized I totally forgot to write about what I actually changed like I promised last week! But, hey! What I changed and have now finished my second week of is that I stopped eating gluten.

There were many reasons for this, I always felt nauseous and had horrible stomach ache after I ate. It wasn't after every time I ate but most of the time, and most of the time I was eaten things with gluten in it.

The past 2 weeks I haven't had any issue with my stomach! I feel amazing! I was planning on testing out being gluten free for 3 weeks and now I have one week left! I really haven't changed anything else but the gluten, I still eat bread (gluten free) and pasta (gluten free) and I made AMAZING gluten free cheesecake which I ate, I ate the whole cake! Poor Mr. Handsome only got one slice! 

Last week weigh in: 80.2 kg (176.8 lbs)
This week weigh in79.7 kg (175.7 lbs)

BOOOYAAAA! I actually screamed when I stepped on the scale (and scared Mr. Handsome). I reached my first goal so I am looking for some great cardigan for me! I am so happy! SO HAPPY!! HAPPYYYYYY!

My next goal is to reach 77.4 kg (170.6 lbs) and I actually fell like I can reach that goal! Hopefully I will be able to reach the weight goal I made for September which was to lose 2 kg (2-4 pounds) at at the moment I need to lose 600 grams more! 600 grams is something I will hopefully manage! I finally have my groove back! 

I am just so happy and I have so much energy at the moment and I am really putting all that energy into studying for University and it just feels great!


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