Thursday, March 21, 2013

Book Review: Déjà Dead by Kathy Reichs

I had some high hopes for this book, I really thought it would be a great book. I have heard so many amazing thing about the Temperance Brennan books but I had never read one. I decided to go for it and I regret it.  

Déjà Dead is Kathy Reichs first novel and for me most likely the last that I will read by her. 
The bones of a woman are discovered in the grounds of an abandoned monastery and the case is given to Dr Temperance Brennan, Director of Forensic Anthropology for the province of Quebec. 'Too decomposed for standard autopsy. Request anthropologic expertise. My case.'
Researching recent disappearances in the city convinces Brennan that a serial killer is at work, despite the deep cynicism of Detective Claudel who heads the investigation. Dr Brennan's forensic expertise and contacts at Quantico finally convince him otherwise, but only after the body count has grown... 
Tempe takes matters into her own hands, re-examining remains from past, unsolved murders. She is driven to unravel shocking acts of violence by reading the bones of the dead. But even before Tempe makes her crucial breakthrough, the killer closes in...

I think main problem I have with the book is that it is written in first person, I find that just way way to annoying. There is too much of inner conversations that are just useless and make Temperance character simply annoying. I really wouldn't want to know her in real life.

The second problem was just too much detail, for me the only thing it did for the story was to fill pages and was just plain and simple boring. I threw the book down almost at every other page because reading this book is super frustrating!

The only character I could relate to was Temperance daughter, Katy. She really just wanted her mom to stop annoying her so much.

"What I saw made my blood race even faster, as if the thumb had been slipped from the shaken soda bottle in my chest and a geyser of fear allowed to erupt." Page 71
"Back in the imaging program, I called up Tang.tif and double-clicked it open. Tanguay's impression filled the screen. I retrieved the bite mark in the Rue Berger cheese, and tilted the two images side by side. Next I converted both images to an RGB scale, to maximize the amount of information in the pictures" Page 464 
The description on how she is editing pictures goes on for 7 pages! 7!!! Horrible. The same happens earlier in the book when she starts describing different types of saws.

I am only including two quotes since I just can't make myself type more of horrible written words.  I will never reach for another Kathy Reichs book and I wish I hadn't forced myself to finish this one!


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