Monday, March 25, 2013

DIY: Melting Lipstick

On my 25 thing before my 25th birthday list I wore that I wanted to write two do it yourself posts and this one is my first!

I have been thinking about this for ages, or since I realized couple of my favorite lipsticks broke in transportation so I wasn't really able to use them! I felt it was such a shame and really didn't want to throw them out! 

The little jar I am using is actually a jar for medicine. It has three compartments, morning, lunch and evening, perfect for what I wanted to use it for!

Step One
Choose the lipsticks you are planning on melting!

The lipsticks I used were:
Elizabeth Arden -  Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick Sheer Tint - Plum (Reviewed here)
Yves  Rocher - Luminelle - Rouge Dragée - 64 Rouge Piment
Catrice - Absolute Moisture - 030 Spicy Coral

Step Two
Chop the lipstick into couple of pieces and scoop out the rest and place it into a metal spoon.

Step Three
Melt the lipstick over a small flame, be careful to not hold the spoon over the flame and not to let the lipstick start to boil.

Step Four
Pour the lipstick into the mold.

Step Five 
Continue with the other lipsticks

Couple of tips:
- Always have paper ready to wipe the spoon after each lipstick
- Allow the lipstick really to melt until you pour it into the container
- The lipstick won't have a different consistency when it is back to being cold
- Be careful of not letting the lipstick boil


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