Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sponsor Tarte Aux Fraises in April!

I am so happy about March, I reached all my mini blogging goals that I had set for myself! As you might know both HelloCotton and Google Reader is shutting down! But don't worry I am on Bloglovin' and you can easily follow me >here< and while you are it you have to remember to claim a username on Bloglovin' and I wrote a tutorial on it >here<

There is a change I want to start in April and that is to have my button swaps and all go through Passionfruit ads! The reason for this is because it makes things easier and just generally neater and that is something I love! The ads are of course still free and it is super easy to do! You can see all the details on my sponsor page.

Statistics: March 2013 (30/03/13)
Page views per month: 3'500
Bloglovin': 52
Twitter: 210
Google Friends: 75

Things that will happen in April:
- three new regular blog series.
- the 100 Days of Decluttering will come to an end
- the nail polish challenge will go on strong
- the perfume challenge will keep on going
..... and a secret thing that will be revealed in the second week of April!


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