Friday, March 15, 2013

Sponsor Tarte Aux Fraises in March for FREE

I was wondering if I should write up this posts or not and that is why it is late! But I decided to do it, mostly because I wanted to have a record of how my blog is growing!

So if you want to swap buttons or even just have your button on my blog just contact me on twitter or just send me an e-mail to contacttarteauxfraises at if you want my button you can just grab it from here.

My numbers from 28th of February:

Page views per month: over 5'300 
Bloglovin': 11 
Twitter: 191 
Google Friends: 66 

My numbers for 31st of  January:

Page views per month: 4´000
Bloglovin': 10
Twitter: 177
Google Friends: 60

For March I plan on posting two book reviews, photo an hour, outfit of the day, my favorite lip balms, and a new series of posts that I will reveal later! 

So if you want to swatch buttons or just have your button on my blog be in touch! 



  1. Hey lovely - i've nominated you for a liebster award! My post will be up within the hour xxx x


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