Friday, March 15, 2013

How to get the most out of Bloglovin' - Part I - Be a visible follower and see your followers

I wanted to write this post because I keep on noticing that not everyone that is using bloglovin' is really getting all that you can out of it!

Did you know that with bloglovin' you can see who is following your blog! But there is a catch, you need to do couple of things first to see and be seen!

Step One
Begin on the homepage of bloglovin'. In the upper right corner there should be a button, it it circled red on the picture below.

Step Two
Click on that button and click on settings.

Step Three
Add your name (or the name of your blog) where it says Full Name and your username by Username.

Step Four
Scroll to the bottom and click Save Settings

Step Five
Go back to the homepage and click on the button that should now have your name on it, but this time press View Profile.

Step Six
On your profile press your blog link (where my red arrow is pointing)

Step Eight 
Click on the followers tab

Step Nine
Here you can see your followers, but only those that have chosen a username! So spread the word so everyone can be visible!

I hope this quick tutorial will help in making bloglovin' work for you! You can follow me via bloglovin' riiiight here!



  1. Great post hunny. That's meee in you picture. Haha!

  2. Thanks for this.. was really informative! :D

  3. Will that be why on my followers it has the list then '+3 other followers'?

    1. yes, the +3 are three people that haven't gotten a username or they are people that are following you privately.

  4. Such a good post, hope you don't mind me sharing this!? :) xxx

  5. Ahh fab post, thank you so much!!

    Jesss xo

  6. great post! thanks for sharing

    xo Sarvin

  7. Great post! That was super helpful. I'm a new follower.

    xx Gina

  8. This is ace! Thanks so much for sharing, it's really useful. Hope it's okay, I've just tweeted this.
    N xX

    1. Thanks! I am hoping all of the blogs get themselves a username, I can see that 27 of my followers don't have one so sharing is the way to go :)

  9. thank you lovely will give this a go.. its weird that u cant automatically x


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