Monday, March 4, 2013

Nail Polish: Mavala - 130 Aqua Blue

As I mentioned in my February Favorites this nail polish is one of my favorite nail polishes! I love the colour and just pretty much everything about it. The 130 Aqua Blue by Mavala just ticks all of the things that I love in nail polishes.

I love how it shimmers without being glittery (can't stand glitter polishes), I love that it is blue, I love that it brightens my mood, I love the size of the bottle, I love the brush, I love the consistency of the polish itself. Therefore, this one is a definite keeper! 

I have written about Mavala nail polishes before, for example Sweety and Tropique

I actually have couple of nail polish posts ready for this week! My Nail Polish Challenge  seems to be going well and I feel like I am actually accomplishing things! Yay!


  1. Love the colour, I definitely want to try some Mavala shades :) x

    1. You should, here they sell Mavala in the pharmacy! I always look at them and want to buy new shades! They come out with new shades for every season (I think, not 100% sure)!


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