Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Nail Polish: Yves Rocher - Nail Lacquer High Colour High Shine - 12 Rose Fuchsia

This is one of my favorite nail polish and it is actually almost finished! I love the color, the consistency and just about everything about it.

The nail polish I am talking about is the Yves Rocher - Nail Lacquer - 12 Rose Fuschia - ($5), I have had it for a long time and it is still as awesome as the day I bought it. I hate when nail polishes go funky in couple of months.

It really is super shiny and the color is just amazing! I put on two coats of the nail polish and one coat of Incolore from Mavala and on my ring finger I have two coats of the Frosting topcoat from Catrice.

I am definitely keeping this one and it will probably be one of the nail polishes I will finish before the summer.  It is as well very likely I will finish my Incolore topcoat soon! I hate how the Frosting topcoat looks when it is photographed, it annoys me quite a lot because I take my pictures with natural light and no flash and it still doesn't really show how pretty the topcoat looks! 



  1. I really like this polish!!


    1. I love it! It has a hint of shimmer in it when the sun shines on it.


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