Monday, March 18, 2013

Nail Polish: Yves Rocher - Mini Nail Polish - Maxi Colour - Vert Noir

By doing my nail polish challenge I am forcing myself to try all the nail polishes that I have in my stash. Some of them are awful and I have thrown out but some of them are amazing and I am happy that I found them again. This is one of the amazing ones.

It isn't sold anymore so I can't buy another one when this one is finished. Yves Rocher does have other Mini Nail Polishes and I think I will get some of them later because I really love them! They are a tiny 3 ml / 0.10 fl oz so it should be easy to finish them! 

I had to use two  coats for it to look right but it wasn't a problem since the formula isn't too think or otherwise unmanageable. I love the colour, it is a bit darker than emerald green and just amazing.

I will definitely use this nail polish again and hopefully I will be able to find this colour again when I finish this bottle!


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