Monday, March 25, 2013

Why I am Going to Boycott H&M from now on.

Today there is a bit of a different type of post, it is something that has been on my mind since H&M announced that Beyonce would be their summer face. For me that was the last nail into the H&M coffin.

A sign from Roskilde Festival that I found fitting with this post
First I would like to tell you my back-story of H&M, I have worn their clothing since I can remember myself. Most of my closet has been filled with clothes from H&M but from now on I won't even step into their store.

But why now, why because of Beyonce. Well, I find that how Beyonce uses animals for fashion to be horrendous and it seems to be the opposite of the image that H&M seems to be trying to fool us with.

I say fool us with because it seems that what H&M seems to sell to us is nothing more than a mirage. The organic cotton seems not to be so organic (See this report from 2010). In 2010, workers died in a H&M factory fire, the workers were knitting sweater for H&M all night long (See news story here). There are many many more examples that I could give but because of their political reasoning I am not going to write them here. 

Let's move to Beyonce and why she brings the H&M brand down. I think we should start with her sneakers (see news story here). These sneakers are made out of: Calf hair, ostrich, crocodile, anaconda and stingray skins. These sneakers were custom made for her. Then we have her Super Bowl outfit was made out of cows, pythons and iguanas, there seems to be a pattern emerging! (See news story here)  My last sample will be from the the inaugural address when she not only wore a mink fur coat but as well mink fur eyelashes.  (see news story here

To conclude, I have just had enough of the mistreatment of animals and for H&M to stoop to the level of having a person that uses animals for fashion as their summer face was a real slap in the face for me. 

Au revoir H&M, our friendship is over. 


  1. I am a big fan of Beyonce but I don't really know what to thin after reading this. Hmmmm thanks for posting :)

    Feel free to enter my nail art giveaway:

    1. Thanks for reading, I used to like her but with her fashion choices and her new music I am no longer a fan!

  2. I really got disillusioned with H&M after their 'Lana Del Rey' collection. The clothes looked nothing like those she was pictured with.

    1. Absolutely! Their clothes never look as well as they do in the ads!


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