Monday, March 10, 2014

100 Things Decluttering Challenge: 26-50

The first 25 things that I decluttered were super easy! It took not even 5 minutes to choose what should leave this apartment! The next 25 items went much slower and when I just had two items left on this list I just somehow forgot about it! However, since my word for March is minimalism I decided to get back into the gear and finish this challenge!

26.-28. Blue Plastic Cups
29. Neutral Deo Roll-on (Have had it since January and HATE it, tossed it)
30. Big Glass Jar
31. Sunscreen (old, tossed it)
32. Nivea after sun (Hated it, in the bin)
33. Hello Kitty Lotion (too many chemicals)
34. Bourjois Paris Smoky Eyes - 06 Violet Romantic (Reviewed, gave it away)
35. - 37. Underwear (tossed)
38. Perfume Bottle (gave it away)
39. Plastic folder (was broken)
40. Skirt (donated)
41. Shirt (donated)
42. Sweater (donated)
43. Pair of heels (donated)
44. Handbag (damaged, tossed)
45. Sock (Yes one single sock)
46. Foam Curlers (tossed, never really use them)
47. Nivea Diamond Shampoo Sample (Gave it away)
48. Veet waxing strips (gave it away)
49. -50. Two pairs of shoes (threw away, were broken)

I have thrown away some other things that I can't remember (things that were damaged) but I decided not to try to count them. I am planning on cleaning out my closet this month and I am certain I will donate 50 items of clothing!

So if everything goes by plan this challenge will finally be over at the end of this month!


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