Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Review: Migros - I am Natural Cosmetics - Night Cream with Rice and Peach Kernel Oil for Dry and Sensitive Skin

Another product from the I am Natural Cosmetics line that Migros has, I am not at all shocked because there are so many products I love from that line! Today I want to talk about the night cream I am using at the moment! The reason why I write much more about skincare products than make up products is because I go through skincare quicker than make up products (and since I have the rule of one in one out I buy more of skincare) and I really believe good skincare means less need for make up! When I am vigilant with my morning and evening skincare routine I don't need foundation (I actually don't own one, I only own powder and BB cream) or anything that covers my skin! But back to the topic at hand! The night cream I have been loving for the past months!

In German this cream is called Nachtcreme - trockene & sensible Haut - reis & pfirsichkernöl and in French Créme De Nuit - peaux sèches & sensibles - riz & huile de noyau de pêche.

First I want to mention how Migros describes the cream:
The rich, soothing formulation immediately provides intensive moisture. In addition, special care formula with organic Shea Butter supports the skin's own regeneration process overnight.
I can easily say that Shea butter is one of my favorite moisturizing ingredients sadly this night cream doesn't smell like Shea butter. I can't really pinpoint what this cream smells like, for me it somehow smells calming with a hint of peaches.

What I do know for a fact about this night cream is that it is really hydrating! It doesn't break me out and it has become a part of my evening skincare routine. It cream itself absorbs quickly into my skin, however, it actually leaves a greasy residue that takes time to be absorbed into my skin. I don't find it to be a problem since it is a night cream but it would be a problem if it would be a day cream.

In the morning the cream has completely been absorbed and my skin feels incredibly soft!

What I don't like is that the ingredient list isn't on their webpage or on the bottle itself, and I of course threw that away as soon as I had taken the picture of the product. There isn't any information on the bottle itself except for the name of the product in German and French.

The tube is 50 ml (1.7 fl oz) and costs 11.90CHF


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