Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My Monthly Goals: February Recap and March Goals

I posted my February goals quite late in February but I had been working on them before I posted them. I think I did quite well and I am actually happy with how the month went!

February Goals:
1. Be on a Spending Ban!
Yes! I have been very good at not spending money this month! And I am going to continue with my spending ban in March!
2. Have 15 days of no Spending
Yes, not a problem! I managed this one very well and it wasn't actually hard to not spend money on most days. I even passed some days without even thinking about spending money!
3. Write down everything I spend
I wasn't super good at this one but I did write down most of the things I bought.
4. Spend no more than 100chf on groceries per week
Another success! It wasn't as hard as I expected, we were just careful of what we bought.3
5. Finish all the food in the freezer
I didn't finish everything, but it looks much better now! I as well managed to finish quite a lot of thing out of the pantry! I only have little bit of spinach and some raspberries left in my freezer (and of course coffee!)
6. Only watch 1 hour TV per day
Success! And it is something I plan on continuing. I think what motivated me mostly is how easy it is to fall into the pill of TV. There is so much you can be watching all day! I was as well watching so many different shows but I have already started to narrow down the shows that I am watching by just asking myself if this is the show I would like to spend my hour (40min) watching and usually it wasn't.
7. Finish washing all the laundry
A total success!! I am so happy to say that our apartment is now laundry free! I never thought that was possible. I actually washed everything by hand and I just need to sit down and start writing all about that because for me it was both such an eye opener and it just helped me tremendously in coping with all the laundry!
8. Keep a food diary for 10 days
I did keep a food diary for 5 of days but I need to find a more comfortable way of keeping a food diary.
9. Take pictures of a new place in Geneva
This sadly didn't happen since the weather just wasn't that great this month and I just didn't find a place that looked great. Geneva during the winter isn't really a pretty place.
10. Post one vlog
Success! You can see the weekly vlog I posted here.

And now onto my March goals!
1. Organize my closet (armoire)
2. Wake up with the sun
3. Choose a goal for Lent
4. Lean 10 new words in Arabic
5. Post 4 YT videos
6. Finish the 100 things challenge
7. Keep on going with the Spending Ban
8. Write or post on YT about what minimalism means to me
9. Get 10 stars on my Wellness and Weight Loss chart
10. Do Yoga 3 times for 30 minutes

I am actually quite happy with how March is going to be! February was extremely busy and I had a final exam in one of my class (which I did good in) so I am hoping March will be a bit less busy!


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