Tuesday, March 25, 2014

100 Things Decluttering Challenge: 50-100

Who would have thought that the last part of this challenge would be so easy! If you are subscribed to me on YouTube (you definitely should I love making videos!) you might have noticed I posted a video about decluttering my closet.

As I was decluttering I found over 60 item of clothing that I decided to donate!! I as well decided to donate around 10 pairs of shoes! So items number 50-100 in my Decluttering challenge were all clothes!

I feel great getting rid of things and I feel like I am going more and more towards minimalism (well, my idea of minimalism) and wanting to own less stuff! I feel that both my blog and my YouTube channel will focus more about NOT owning things in comparison to owning a lot of things and being organized.

I feel that I still own a lot of clothing and I will work on not owning that much of clothing but I decided that with a lot of my things to wear them until I wouldn't want to wear them anymore instead of donating them right away.

I as well didn't want to donate a lot of my summer clothing since I will have to wear them this summer but I'll definitely donate them in the autumn!


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