Monday, March 31, 2014

My Monthly Goals: March Recap and April Goals

I'm quite happy with how March went! We celebrated my dad's birthday, days got warmer, I got some great grades and some just alright grades, got some project done that I have wanted to do for some time now. All in all I think March was success! 

1. Organize my closet (armoire)
I am so happy I set this as a goal and that I actually accomplished this goal! I did two videos about it so hop over to my YouTube channel to see those videos.
2. Wake up with the sun
This one did so not happen! 
3. Choose a goal for Lent
I chose to write for 40 minutes a day and wrote more about it right here
4. Lean 10 new words in Arabic
Another one that I didn't do this month! I think I will focus more on my Arabic during the summer.
5. Post 4 YT videos
6. Finish the 100 things challenge
Success, and I wrote about it here and here.
7. Keep on going with the Spending Ban
I didn't write about this one, but I kept on strong with my Spending Ban. I am going to keep on being on a Spending Ban for some time now!
8. Write or post on YT about what minimalism means to me.
I didn't accomplish this goal but I am planning on writing down my thoughts on what being a minimalist means to me and how I plan on getting there.
9. Get 10 stars on my Wellness and Weight Loss chart
I actually earned 16 stars and bought myself some gorgeous tulips! 
10. Do Yoga 3 times for 30 minutes
I did Yoga once for 10 minutes! Not a great achievement.

When I was setting myself the goals for April I had to be very careful since (hopefully) my finals will start in end of April!

April Goals:
1. Start following my daily cleaning schedule again!
2. Study hard for finals
3. Take pictures of a new place in Geneva
4. Try out a new recipe. 
5. Have 50 stars on Wellness and Weight Loss chart
6. Do Yoga for 100 minutes 
7. Post 4 OOTD
8. Finish the Project Pan that I have going on at the moment 
9. Sew 1 item
10. Set up a photography area


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