Monday, March 17, 2014

Washing Clothes By Hand: Week 2

I am being late writing this post, my week 1 post can be found here and I did all the washing one week after another (so it isn't like I just finished my second week now)

I have to say that my washing technique has changed a bit and I feel like I am both faster and I feel the clothes are getting cleaner than before!

This week I didn't wash anything for 3 days since I just was too busy to wash. I still managed to wash 7 sink loads. I managed to make a huge dent into all the laundry that has been lying around.

What I managed to wash with 7 sink loads was:
Socks: 38Sweaters: 4
Underwear: 16 Shirts: 2
T-shirts: 19Dress: 1
Towels: 2Pillowcase: 1
Tank-tops: 1Tights: 2
Jeans: 4Leggings: 5 
Cardigans: 2Shorts: 1

I am still in such a shock of how much clothing we actually own! I have been very good at removing clothing from the clean stack that I know I am going to donate and as well ones that are damaged.

At the same time out apartment is getting laundry free our tiny closet is getting packed to the brim and I need to start organizing it and really have a big clean out. But that is what March is going to be for!


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